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Consultancy, Compliance & Certification

What are your compliance needs? PCI-DSS, HITRUST or aviation regulations? SecureIT can guide you through the compliance process, assess your status, consult on effective remediation and in implementing appropriate security measures based on requirements and desired security posture and then certify your company.

Pentesting & Phishing Attacks

SecureIT attacks your technical infrastructure with the objective of reaching or breaching what matters the most to you. We attack your employees through phishing attacks and CTI to get leaked data that can lead to a breach. We help you correct the exposures before they are found by cybercriminals.

Endpoint Security Suite

Our endpoint security suite offers proactive AV, sandboxing and isolation capabilities and secures traffic for all endpoints. Advanced patching of OS and 3rd party software. Secure use of administrative privileges. Recommended by Microsoft and accredited by the FBI, Europol and USDOJ.

Over 20 Years of Experience with Proven Track Record

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Tailored Security Consultancy

Assessments & Compliance


Whether you’re going to start a compliance process for PCI-DSS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001, HITRUST or complying with aviation cybersecurity requirements, or if you just want to improve your overall security posture, you’re going to have to start with an assessment and gap analysis.

We build a relationship with our customers and make sure we provide tailored security and compliance consultancy services that meet their needs. We have the skills, the know-how and the ambition to provide you with excellent professional services.

SecureIT can help you to find out where you stand and get you where you need and want to be

Take Control of Your Remediation

Managed Security Services


It should be everyone’s goal to have a security posture that is focused on detection and prevention, but dealing with threats before they happen requires multiple security controls, tools and technologies, a scalable threat intelligence system, monitoring, analysis, correlation, detection and response. 

We can help you identify where you stand and what your weaknesses are by conducting advanced real world attacks on your company. We provide effective remediation solutions and services and help you protect your technical infrastructure and people through our authorized simulation attacks and in that way deal with emerging threats before they happen. 

Qualified Entity

Aviation Cybersecurity

SecureIT, along with Aptoz our DOA partner, provides full spectrum cybersecurity services in aviation. We are aviation cybersecurity CVEs. We will perform a security assessment for you to determine your immediate needs and consult on implementation. We can provide necessary solutions and services to meet the security requirements and needs of your company! We help you develop best practices and adopt cybersecurity industry standards and methods and train your staff. We conduct technical verifications on cybersecurity postures of environments, setups and products. And when you’ve met the cybersecurity requirements, we certify you!
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SecureIT goes above and beyond to help you protect your business!

Personalized Security

We work closely with our customers to fully understand their business. By understanding their needs we can help them meet and maintain their desired security posture through our outstanding professional services.

24/7 Support

Through our fully managed security services and our Security Operation Center we consistently analyse, monitor and correlate your security events to detect and respond to any attacks taking place on your organisation.

Only Qualified Professionals

Our team consists of qualified security and compliance professionals that assess what you have in place, help you reach your desired security posture and verify that your defenses are maintained.

Full Spectrum Cybersecurity

Through our years of experience in security and compliance in banking, aviation, energy and biotech and via partnerships we assess and verify your security posture and provide products and managed security services that help you maintain it.


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