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Oktavía Hrund joins SecureIT as a Holistic Security Consultant

Oktavia Hrund Jóns is the most recent addition to SecureIT. Oktavía has provided consultation services and conducted audits and assessments in security and privacy worldwide for two decades and is a recognized Senior Holistic Security Advisor.

Oktavía has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Communications and a Master’s degree in International Development and International Communication. Oktavia was certified as a BSI ISO 27001 Lead Auditor in 2021.

Oktavia co-founded and managed the DDoS mitigating secure hosting platform VirtualRoad which provides DDoS protection to a variety of clients worldwide and designed and directed the SAFE initiative providing integrated security training, emergency assistance and incidence response to at-risk groups. A seasoned trainer and facilitator, Oktavía has conducted information and holistic security training since 2007.

In 2017 Oktavía founded future404, which specializes in security consultation, audits and implementation of security standards, as well as GDPR consultation.

Oktavia will provide consultation and be part of SecureIT’s virtual CISO services as well as conduct multiple types of audits and assessments in security and privacy, provide risk management services and use their experience to further strengthen SecureIT’s incident response team.

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