Portrett mynd af Birni Símonarsyni
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SecureIT thanks for all the phish and wishes their CTO good luck

New Beginnings

Changes are coming to SecureIT. In its sixth year of operations, the company is entering an exciting period and is growing rapidly and with growth comes new challenges, new services – and changes to staff. This fall, SecureIT will have great and exciting roles to fill, however before we do that, we are saying a tremendous thanks and until next time to one of our dearest colleagues, who is switching from offense to defense.

Björn Símonarson has been an integral part of SecureIT successes since March 2019. As one the company’s first hires, Björn has successfully developed and cemented one of SecureIT’s core services; Offensive Security Testing, which includes ethical hacking (to some still referred to as pentesting) as well as other products related to evaluating – through the exploitation of vulnerabilities -the overall resilience of security measures taken to protect crucial infrastructure.

To be given the responsibility and task of testing the mesh of the woven cloth of security is not to be taken lightly. SecureIT has been fortunate and honoured that Björn has led this work and – while building the foundation of our unique approach – mentored colleagues and customers in seeing what he sees, given them the knack and intuition that needs to follow the rigours routine and dedication needed to ensure true resilience in security.


The entire team at SecureIT wishes Björn the absolute best in his new professional challenges and looks forward to seeing Björn again as a friend, as a co-conspirator and as a part of the growing IT security community in Iceland.

New Challenges

The legacy Björn leaves behind – the ground on which we his colleagues will further build on is solid. In his years with SecureIT, Björn built up a solid Offensive Security infrastructure that is the foundation that encompasses both crucial methodologies honed through his decade of offensive security knowledge as well as ethical hacking infrastructure that enables SecureIT to excel in its performance of providing outstanding services to its partners and customers. On what he leaves behind, Björn says:

“The infrastructure I have built throughout the years derives its importance from the methodologies we developed. That and the format of the deliverables we provide our customers with. These components together form a fundamental part of a foundation of solid security assessment at any company.”


“Bjössi has not only been a great colleague, strategic partner and confidant - he has been and will remain a true friend. I am thankful for the time Bjössi spent with us at SecureIT and albeit a bit sad, I am very excited to see him take this next, exciting step in his professional career. We will no doubt be seeing and hearing more from him.”
Portrett mynd af Magnúsi Birgissyni
Magnús Birgisson
founder and CEO of SecureIT

Next Steps

What are the next steps for Björn? In late August he will be joining Kvika Bank as their Head of Information Security. In Björn’s new position he will be forming a resilient environment, taking a position on the side of Defensive Security, ensuring resilience and security for the future within an organisation committed to investing in and strengthening its infrastructural security. 

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