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SecureIT is growing and welcomes new people aboard

SecureIT is proud to present two new people who have joined the team at its headquarters in Reykjavík, Iceland. Our newest team members are Marín G. Jacobsen and S. Bylgja Sigurjónsdóttir.

Marín studies Computer Science at Reykjavik University. During her studies she has focused on security in programming and how software vulnerabilities can be exploited.
Marín is primarily working within our offensive security team as an entry-level ethical hacker as well as learning the ins and outs of information security and compliance.

Bylgja is SecureITs brand new Partnership Lead. This is a new role designed to meet the growing needs of an increasing customer base and newly forged and exciting partnerships. Bylgja’s role will be to strengthen relations with and between customers and partners, ensuring our support and consulting remains relevant, adequate and future-focussed for our customers built on satisfaction and ever present pursuit of true and trusted partnerships with our customers.

Bylgja is an entrepreneur and experienced project manager and has worked with relational management in many different venues and roles throughout her career. She is enthusiastic about information security in particular, seeking a deeper understanding of systems and security and how they relate to people and corporate cultures. With a bachelor’s degree in PPE (philosophy, politics and economics), and a master’s degree in Human Ecology (emphasis on culture, power and sustainability), Bylgja is equipped with a multi-disciplinary education and outlook on life.

We look forward to working with Marín and Bylgja and include them in our team.

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