Whatever compliance process you need to start or if you just want to improve your overall security posture, you’re going to have to start with an assessment or gap analysis. SecureIT can help you to find out where you stand and get you where you need to be

Tailored Security Consultancy

It’s not enough to know what’s missing; you have to act on that intelligence. Our services and solutions cover you from start to finish and leave you with an organisation that is uniquely equipped to handle security challenges.

SecureIT provides virtual CISO services

SecureIT’s strengths lie with a wide range of knowledge and expertise that draw from decades of hands-on experience in:

  • Security, privacy and compliance consultation
  • Security best practices and defense in depth
  • Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Frameworks
  • Attacking environments
  • Defending customers
  • Security reviews
  • Security architecture and design
  • Cloud security and compliance
  • Securing the development process
  • Incident response
  • Business continuity plans and disaster recovery

An assessment will touch on everything in your organisation

SecureIT can assist with the administrative framework and all administrative controls, physical and technical controls. We also manage and audit – examining the technology that is already in place and determining what may be missing. From firewall rule reviews to asset inventories, we will help you harden your systems and protect your environment and determine any number of ways to improve your security posture.


SecureIT provides 360° support in your compliance efforts. We not only assess what you need to change but provide effective guidance and solutions to your implementation efforts. And then we can actually certify your company and provide reports on compliance. 


Part of any compliance is conducting specific security related tasks on a regular basis. If you need to be compliant, your company needs regular vulnerability scans and at least one annual pentest. Your employees will need to undergo security awareness training at least once a year and may need privacy training. You need to review security events and patch your systems in scope. 

We can help you to check every single one of these boxes. 


The requirements for PCI, HITRUST, HIPAA, ISO 27001, the Icelandic FSA guidelines 01/2019, SWIFT, aviation Part-21 and EASA Basic Regulation, and the NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks can be difficult to navigate, but SecureIT customers have come from a wide array of industries and we have the expertise to guide you in implementation and certification.

Risk Assessment & Management

The purpose of the Risk Assessment is to assess risk exposure to ensure policies, procedures, and controls are effective. We should identify the location of all confidential information, any foreseeable internal and external threats to the information, the likelihood of the threats, and the sufficiency of policies, procedures and technical controls to mitigate the threats.


There are multiple steps required for a proper risk assessment when it comes to comprehensive security. It’s critical to understand the business environment, the critical business processes, asset values and all functions and then how the implemented technologies support the business.

Manage and evaluate the risk and it’s potential effect. Risk should drive your security efforts.


We need to define the scope and supporting controls for it, identify threats and vulnerabilities, estimate likelihood and impact, create a risk assessment matrix and determine action plans. 

All of this should be connected with asset inventories, business continuity and disaster recovery and obviously the administrative framework.


Once risk is identified the organisation must decide how to address it. Often risks are identified without an understanding of the business itself or more frequently, without sufficient understanding of technology, security and other controls. SecureIT puts a lot of focus on making sure that there is no gap in between those core parts, we need to understand your business. Then we help you make sure that you address that frequent gap between the cores, the administrative framework, processes and policies and the technical controls implemented. And whether those suffice or not based on your risk appetite

When risk is identified the organisation must decide how to address it. Basic options are to accept, mitigate or transfer the risk. Once assets and associated risks have been identified – we need to figure out how to mitigate the risk and protect our assets.

 Having an external risk assessment can help you validate your current program and we can assist you in properly identifying and prioritising your risk.


We must understand and evaluate the risks involved with our business and address appropriately the threats.

The lifecycle of those threats should be understood to evaluate the risk they pose to your organisation.

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Security & Privacy Framework

We have all learned in the past years about the challenges faced in security and privacy and it is clear that what companies need is a harmonised security and privacy framework. SecureIT brings clarity to this effort with the experience gleaned from customers across a number of different industries. 

Beyond Compliance

Compliance is key, but there are many other reasons to want to achieve a secure and robust framework – for example your reputation with customers and protection from liability. While security and privacy are still two very different domains, your business will need a unified foundation made up of both. This is most evident in our experience with the financial sector and anyone subject to PCI as well as healthcare and biotech industries where compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and HITRUST is front and center.

It’s all about managing risk and SecureIT can help you navigate these waters with confidence.

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