Cyberthreat Intelligence is based on the collection of intelligence from the deep and dark web

It is a collection of information from various sources, that, when processed and evaluated to verify validity, is ultimately used to provide context around conditions for a cybersecurity threat to exploit an existing organisation vulnerability.

Whether you think a breach might have already happened or if you want to make more informed security decisions, we can help you be proactive. Our Cyber Threat Intelligence service will provide you with rigorous analyses and monitoring of threats to your organisation.

Unlike manual deep web analysis, Cyber Threat Monitoring periodically notifies you of any emerging threats.


Dark web monitoring

Automated, recurrent scans of the dark web for potential data leakage, supplemented by manual activities of our team. Search terms can be domains, trademarks, or company names

Domain & brand monitoring

Monitoring of domain names and pre-defined terms used for criminal activity
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Deeper data collection

Your ability to out manuver against cyber threats is our top priority. We will look at a range of resources and keep you one step ahead of cybercriminals by understanding what their motives are. We will look into potential data leaks in the deep web and investigate domain abuse and spoofing.

Scalable and cost-effective

The amount of data you will have to collect and analyse will depend on the size of your company and the number of search terms. Our services scale up in a way that enables smaller organisations to get covered in a cost-effective way.

Easily tailored solutions

Our solution can be tailored to your need and can include any combination of the following individually designed services, which can be booked individually or in combination. Start with a research engagement and have what matters most monitored.

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