Our team of certified security engineers will work closely with you to review your current network infrastructure, architecture, security goals and objectives so that we can validate your firewall configurations and rule sets to ensure they are optimized to achieve your business requirements. 

And we leverage your firewall to protect you 24/7.

We partner with your existing team to continually manage your firewall infrastructure, help troubleshoot and resolve issues, infuse best practices, and tune your security infrastructure while seamlessly integrating with your change management process to implement approved requests, security patches, and firmware updates required to properly secure your business. 

Your protection is further enhanced by our Security Operation Center which provides 24/7 monitoring, alerting, reporting, detection and prevention capabilities for your security infrastructure and escalates issues as needed

Optimised configurations

We will optimise and tune your security infrastructure with
• Management of firewall rules
• Continuous patch updates
• Monitoring, alerting, and reporting
• Vendor agnostic expertise
• Creating firewall perimeters and isolations when needed
• Tailored recommendations for network infrastructure and architecture design.

Firewall auditing

Checking and rechecking your firewall rules is a constant process. Patching firmware and maintaining up-to-date configuration is a primary element of our services. Plus, there are aspects to firewall management that are not always understood by general IT personnel. We also need to understand your business to know what rules are needed and how to respond. Our decades of experience close these gaps for you. 


We can help you maintain or attain compliance through our managed services. The Security Operation Center manages the firewall service and intrusion prevention services around the clock. And in combination with our fully managed SIEM service that analyses, correlates and reviews all security events and knows what is and should happen in your environment 24/7 – will give you all the coverage you are going to need while you sleep! 


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