It should be everyone’s goal to have a security posture that is focused on detection and prevention, but dealing with threats before they happen requires a scalable threat intelligence system with instant signature updates, monitoring, analysis and reviewing. We can protect your infrastructure and systems with threat intelligence from multiple security sources and deal with emerging threats as they happen. 

The managed intrusion prevention services are a critical, real-time response to protect your network. On the one hand, they provide a detection service and manage your prevention responses, but they also work to uncover any latency or other operation issues that may exist in your organisation

Vendor agnostic expertise

Our skilled security engineers can work with any existing security infrastructure on your network. With over two decades of experience, we’re familiar with anything you have already installed and we can manage the software updates and patches to address any new security infrastructure bugs and vulnerabilities. 

Actionable reporting

One of the biggest problems with security is how to visualise the threat in a way that makes it possible to act quickly. We can address all of your business and compliance needs with executive level dashboards and detailed reports that will let you quickly get the lay of the land. Your network generates a lot of data. We can boil it down to the essentials.

24/7 real-time protection

You need to be protected; you need that protection all the time; you need that protection to be patched and up-to-date. 24/7 monitoring and alerting will keep you covered and leverage threat intelligence to block vulnerabilities automatically. The Security Operation Center monitors your environment and tunes this service to distinguish critical threats from the false positives. 

The service will only escalate to you as necessary.

When false positives have been removed and all actions have been responded to as defined by you and our experts.

Take control of your remediation

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