Security information and event management (SIEM) is an extremely important part of your data security ecosystem. The 24/7 Next Generation managed SIEM service with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides you with real-time analysis, detection and prevention across all of your systems
- all day, every day

Some of the main features of the Next Generation managed SIEM service with EDR include:

• 24/7 fully managed service from the Security Operation Center (SOC) that detects intrusions, threats and behavioral anomalies to protect you

• Active threat intelligence and alerting where prevention and response is managed for you 24/7

• Historical and real-time security information monitoring and response

• Security analytics that also makes you aware of misconfigurations, policy violations, security and operational issues and malicious activities

• Unified reporting of events meets all your compliance requirements and much more

• Regulatory Compliance is met where the SIEM provides all necessary security controls and meets the requirements

• Cloud Security where the SIEM monitors cloud infrastructure at an API level and can pull data from well known providers e.g. AWS, Azure and Google Cloud

• Container Security where the SIEM provides security visibility into your Docker host and containers, monitoring behavior and detecting threats, vulnerabilites and anomalies. Alerting on containers running in privileged mode, vulnerable applications, changes to images and volumes

Detect and respond to threats
• Intrusion Detection through EDR agents looking for malware, rootkits, hidden files, cloaked processes and other anomalies

• File Integrity Monitoring agent that monitors the file system, identifying changes in content, permissions, ownership and attributes of files. This is required for many regulatory compliance standards, e.g. PCI, HIPAA and NIST

• Vulnerability Detection using the EDR agent that pulls software inventory data to the SIEM where it is correlated with continuously updated CVE databases to identify well known vulnerable software and operating system issues

• Configuration Assessment where the EDR agent monitors system and application configuration settings to ensure compliance with your security policies, standards and hardening guides through periodic scans finding vulnerable, unpatched and insecurely configured applications. Can also customise checks and alerts include recommendations for better configuration

• Incident Response where the EDR agent can perform various countermeasures to address active threats such as blocking access to a system when certain criteria is met and can also find indicators of compromise and help in forensics

Prevent incidents and breaches
Our Security Operation Center consistently monitors, analyses and triages the correlated events so that they can escalate prioritised alerts to your team as needed in order to help identify and prevent emerging threats before they occur. It’s all about discovery, detection and prevention at all times, every day. Potential threats are isolated while you sleep! We provide a fully managed SIEM service with EDR 24/7

This is a fully managed 24/7 SIEM service with EDR but we can also provide just the log management solution

The Security Information and Event Management solution is built on top of the powerful parsing, normalization, classification and categorisation capabilities provided by our Log Management solution.  Our SIEM tools also give you a central place to identify operational issues or deal with development bugs with your consolidated data from all of your network tools and equipment – from servers to workstations – across all of your services and applications.

However, we strongly recommend to our customers to use the fully managed 24/7 Next Generation SIEM service with EDR which is manned only by experienced security professionals that jointly have the sufficient skills, mindset and resources to effectively detect and respond to identified threats around the clock.

It actively inspects and correlates your historical and real time security events collected from your devices against consistently updated threat intelligence feeds, security signatures, and anomaly detection events to identify unique threat patterns and trends that could negatively impact your security. This correlated log data and any identified threat patterns are presented in our intuitive SIEM solution to facilitate a deeper level of troubleshooting and resolution. Our fully managed SIEM service detects, prevents and responds to the threats. you are faced with, 24/7.

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