Uncover, eliminate and remediate DDoS vulnerabilites.

Continuously improve your DDoS mitigation with 24/7 non-disruptive DDoS testing

Visualize every layer of your DDoS attack surface

DDoS gaps and vulnerabilities identified by OSI layers

MazeBolt RADAR™

The only solution that provides full DDoS attack surface coverage, testing tens of thousands of potential entry points, and identifying how attackers succeed in bypassing existing mitigation systems.

By using MazeBolt RADAR, you will continuously improve your mitigation configurations with 24/7 non-disruptive DDoS testing as well as accelerate detection and remediation of known and unknown DDoS risk exposures across your organization’s live environment.

Prioritize your vulnerabilities with actionable insights

Focus on the top five attack vectors that affect the largest part of your production environment.

See the cumulative number of RADAR test results for each attack vector per month, and which percentage of them are vulnerable, protected, or partially protected.

Continuously test every attack vector for vulnerabilities, and with just a few fixes, resolve the majority of DDoS vulnerabilities found inside your mitigation systems.

Achieve up to 98% DDoS protection, with all security layers up-to-date.

 MazeBolt RADAR maps your DDoS attack surface, prioritizes remediation, validates remediation, and continuously visualizes the entire network to produce hard data and percentages of all known DDoS attack vectors that evade your DDoS mitigation layers.

Vendor agnostic, MazeBolt RADAR works with all organizations’ mitigation layers, automatically testing DDoS attacks across networks with zero operational downtime.