With our pentesting services, you will get the real targets and risks identified and actionable results

These services are conducted by our certified security professionals who have extensive experience with assessing vulnerabilities for both security and compliance and then exploiting those vulnerabilities! Cyberthreat Intelligence is part of our arsenal where we find company credential leaks and do password profiling. 

And social engineering attacks enable us to get a foothold within the customer environment and those are essential since more than 90% of all breaches start with phishing attacks.

SecureIT can perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure to identify and exploit existing vulnerabilities

and provide recommendations on how to improve your overall security

Tailored for your business

Scoping of pentests is crucial for success and we make sure to approach the company as a whole. We need to understand what matters most to your company because those valuable assets will be the primary targets for us, as for the cybercriminal


SecureIT conducts pentests that can be combined in many ways depending on the customer needs
  • Network Pentest - Both internal and external networks
  • Web and Mobile Application Pentests
  • Social Engineering
  • Red Team Pentest - Goal based and combining all types of testing
  • Compliance Pentests - Required for PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO 27001, HITRUST, etc.

Find your network and infrastructure weaknesses first. Just one vulnerability can lead to a damaging and costly cybersecurity breach.

With flexible pricing, our web and mobile application pentests can deliver solid remediation advice within a few weeks. We’re prepared to go straight down to the source code to make sure your applications are secure from the ground up.

The SecureIT pentesting methodology is based on the PTES (Pentesting Execution Standard) and follows best practices defined by other entities such as SANS, OWASP and PCI.

Infographic explaining SecureIt's Offensive Security Methodology
  1. Intelligence gathering
  2. Threat modelling
  3. Vulnerability analysis
  4. Exploitation
  5. Post-exploitation followup
  6. Reporting

Our methodology is available upon request

Our methodology is made up of six repeatable steps:


Reporting is an important step in pentesting where we put a lot of effort into actionable results and lessons learned.  SecureIT provides technical reports with identified vulnerabilities in a prioritized order. But what is even more important is getting full management support in everything security and that is the reason for our impact report.

The impact report describes in layman’s terms what happened in the attack, how and when the customer was breached and basically provides a storyline to those events with screenshots and images to better understand the extent of the breach.

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