Knowing where and how your sensitive or regulated information is stored in your environment is critical. Do you know how much your data is worth on the dark web?

The value of card data, personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) is on the rise. Companies that accept, transmit, store, or process such data are subject to regulatory and contractual requirements where standards apply such as PCI-DSS that require the companies to maintain a secure environment. And the cost of a breach is extremely high!

Riskhunter consists of a lightweight easily deployed agent and a server within the customer environment. The agent can run at any interval for detection purposes and findings are available e.g. in CSV format and can therefore be imported to any business intelligence tool. Riskhunter uses multiple methods to reduce false positives significantly and can manage exceptions with ease. Dashboards are made available for analysis and visualization purposes. Riskhunter is intended to run and discover data in your entire environment whereas many other solutions are commonly used only for several high risk systems. Our affordable service allows customers to detect and discover data based on criteria and comply with regulations and requirements.



Data Discovery

Card data

Riskhunter can detect and discover cardholder data for all the major card brands (e.g. VISA, Mastercard, American Express) on multiple platforms (e.g. WINDOWS, LINUX and macOSX) and in various file formats. Our powerful engine provides business intelligence and analytics capabilities while providing resources and methods to reduce false positivies immensely. What is even more important, you can import the results into your own tools.  We help you comply with PCI-DSS and data protection regulations such as GDPR and provide extremely valuable insight on data within your environment.

Personally identifiable information (PII)

We can setup rules to detect and discover PII in multiple forms, such as national IDs, social security numbers, email addresses and phone numbers within your environment. This can be done based on defined criteria applicable to the data protection and data privacy laws you must comply with. We help you comply with PCI-DSS, HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR etc.

Protected health information (PHI)

We can setup rules to detect and discover multiple types of PHI within your environment based on defined criteria applicable to the data protection and data privacy laws you must comply with. We help you comply with HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR etc.

Healthcare and payment card compliance

If you are looking for compliance in either PCI, HITRUST, GDPR or HIPAA, it’s important to understand whether any of this data is exposed and unprotected within your organisation. Furthermore, you need to know whether this threatens your security posture, compliance and puts you into unnecessary risk. Responding to all of these compliance requests can be time consuming and traditional methods aren’t always sufficient when it comes to looking for data the way that a hacker might. 

Go through all your business processes with a security and compliance professional and use Riskhunter to discover data within your environment!

Stay ahead of threats

SecureIT is an expert in white-hat hacking. We use advanced analytic techniques to uncover unprotected sensitive and regulatory data within your environment, where the common tools might not be successful. Our methods and knowledge for data discovery will find loopholes where the usual tools wouldn’t think to go. Keep in mind we can not only find data in your environment but also on the dark web through our Cyberthreat Intelligence service.

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