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We work closely with our customers to fully understand their business. By understanding their needs we can help them meet and maintain their desired security posture through our outstanding professional services.

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Through our fully managed security services and our Security Operation Center we consistently analyse, monitor and correlate your security events to detect and respond to any attacks taking place on your organisation. We defend and protect you 24/7.

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Our team consists of qualified security and compliance professionals that assess what you have in place, help you reach your desired security posture and verify that your defenses are maintained and managed.

Full Spectrum Cybersecurity

Through our years of experience in security and compliance in banking, aviation, energy and biotech and via partnerships we assess and verify your security posture and provide solutions and services that help you reach and maintain your desired security posture.

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Compliance and Certification
What are your compliance needs? PCI, NIST, HITRUST, aviation regulations or ISO 27001? SecureIT can guide you through the compliance process, perform gap analysis and assess your status. We have qualified certified security professionals that know what is needed and what it takes to get where you need to. We assist you in implementing reasonable, effective and appropriate security measures based on risk and requirements so that you can meet your desired security posture and certify your company.
SecureIT can simulate a cyber attack against your infrastructure and check for exploitable vulnerabilities in your environment. We can then help you to correct the exposures before they are found by cybercriminals. Our arsenal of pentesting tools and expertise will cover network, web application, WiFi and social engineering tests. These tests are essential for anyone desiring a stronger security posture and when seeking compliance. Our methods are based on years of experience and we think outside the box.
Endpoint Security Suite
Our comprehensive endpoint security suite offers NextGen proactive antivirus capabilities with 2-way DNS filtering to secure traffic to and from all endpoints, web filtering, HIDS and HIPS, firewall management, isolation and sandboxing functionality and extensive threat intelligence as well as intuitive and complete OS and 3rd party security patching management. Solutions recommended by Microsoft and accredited by the FBI, Europol and USDOJ. Secure management of administration privileges is also critical for endpoint management.
Managed SIEM
Real-time analysis and visibility across all of your systems. By consolidating data from your network tools and equipment, servers, workstations, services and applications. Our 24/7 Security Operations Center will use active threat intelligence, analysis, monitoring and security event correlation to detect and respond to threats to protect your environment.
Managed Intrusion Prevention Services
Scalable threat intelligence and signature updates. Vendor agnostic expertise. We provide these managed services as a critical, real-time response to detect and prevent network intrusion. We block the source of those attacks immediately. These services are around the clock, protecting your environment.
Managed Firewall Services
Our SOC will optimise and tune your security infrastructure with continuous, managed firewall rules and patch updates; monitoring, alerting, and reporting; we provide vendor agnostic expertise; and specialised recommendations for network infrastructure and architecture design. We isolate and prevent threats while you sleep -our SIEM service gives you 24/7 coverage.
Social Engineering
Phishing attacks use malicious websites or emails to get your employees to give up personal and sensitive information, but there are any number of different types of social engineering attacks like phishing and CEO fraud that may threaten your security. We can test any or all of your employees and make your staff the first and last line of defense.
Security and Privacy Awareness Training
Your employees are your first and last line of defense. Their awareness is critical to the success of your security posture. We use a wide range of attacks and training modules in a series of training courses and videos that will benefit everyone in your organisation, meet your compliance needs and reduce your risk.
Riskhunter Data Discovery
Do you know where your sensitive data is stored, transmitted and processed within your enviroment? Is your regulated data protected? Do you know what sensitive data exists on your file servers or workstations? Through Riskhunter, our data discovery product you can find your sensitive and regulated data so you can protect it.
Cyber Threat Intelligence
Do you think you might already have been breached? We enable you to make more informed security decisions and be more proactive against cyber threats with our rigorous analysis and monitoring of the ways that your organisation may already have been breached. What of your information exists on the Deep and Dark Web?
Vulnerability Management
SecureIT uses an approved scanning vendor engine to help you meet compliance requirements like PCI. We will provide you with resolution suggestions to be implemented, a prioritized order and approach, and follow-up scans to mitigate any discovered vulnerabilities. Our intuitive and prioritised reports will keep you in the green with your compliance efforts.
Tailored Security Consultancy
We build a relationship with our customers. SecureIT works closely with its customers and strives to provide outstanding professional services. It’s not enough to know what’s missing; you have to act on that intelligence. Our solutions and services cover you from start to finish and leave you with an organisation that is uniquely equipped to handle security challenges.
Security and Risk Assessment
Whether you’re implementing PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework or HITRUST, you’re going to have to start with a gap analysis. We can start you off on the right foot with a security and risk assessment that is tailored to your needs, and meets compliance and contractual requirements. We also make sure that your security controls meet those requirements and risks. We’ll find out where you stand and help you get to where you need to be. Achieve and maintain your desired security posture.
Aviation Cybersecurity
Our multi-layered security solutions and services will help you to comply to the highest quality cyber security standards making your operations safe, robust, and secure - an absolute must for these safety-critical systems. We provide full spectrum cybersecurity services in aviation, from training your staff, consulting on best practices and managing the upcoming cybersecurity requirements, technical verifications, act as Qualified Entities for NAA or Cybersecurity Officers, to certification of products.

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