Social engineering attacks have become one of the most pressing problems for any business
and it is a threat we are well-equipped to handle

Phishing attacks often use malicious websites or emails to get your employees to give up personal  and sensitive information, but there are any number of different types of social engineering attacks, including CEO fraud, that may threaten your security

Increasing your employees’ knowledge and training against social engineering attacks is extremely important in improving your security posture. We can test any or all of your employees and make your staff the first and last line of defense

Social engineering attacks can be in many forms:

  • Phishing – someone poses as a legitimate contact to manipulate employees into giving up personal and sensitive information
  • Scareware – bombarding your employees with false alarms and threats
  • Baiting – using false information to lure employees into a trap
  • CEO fraud – when when cybercriminals impersonate executives and trick other employees into executing unauthorized money transfers
  • Pretexting – impersonation of co-workers or authorities to get access to personal data
  • Spear phishing – targeting of specific individuals and tailoring the message to their company positions

Phishing and CEO fraud

SecureIT provides its customers with extensive social engineering attacks, including spear phishing, where selected individuals are targeted. We conduct several phishing attacks, over a period of several months, divided into separate campaigns. When we’ve finished the attacks, we provide you with detailed reports and help you through the next steps to secure your company. Make all your employees a part of your security team. 


In addition to this, we provide security awareness training to your employees through a training portal where they learn essential lessons about security, privacy, and data protection. You will see an immediate reduction in the number of victims. We can train any portion of your staff, but we generally recommend that all employees go through our comprehensive training, videos every month and training courses on a regular basis. Check out our Security Awareness Training


Scalable pricing

Several months after the initial engagement, a similar round of attacks is conducted to measure the increase in your company’s security awareness. Our pricing is scalable and depends on the number of employees and contractors working for you. We generally price based on number of people or sessions. We strongly recommend at least quarterly phishing attacks to maintain employee security awareness.


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