Mynd af tölvuskjá með SANS CTF hugbúnaðinum
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Icelandic Capture The Flag competition

SANS and SecureIT partner for Iceland’s Capture the Flag competition in October 2022

SecureIT is excited to host a Capture The Flag (CTF) event on October 6th-7th 2022 in collaboration with the information security cooperative SANS Institute. The competition consists of multiple small challenges in network- and computer security, ranging from easy to challenging. Basic knowledge in either web programming or networking is sufficient to have fun and learn new skills.

So why try out a hacking ctf?

  • Well, there is the puzzle-solving aspect, so if you like solving those, you should try it out.
  • If you are making websites using frameworks or some other technology, it’s a great way to better understand how those systems work and it might lead you to some cool superpower of that technology that you didn’t know was possible to do.
  • If you like mathematics, solving cryptography challenges is something that can be very challenging but it’s also rewarding.
  • If you want to learn new things it is a great resource for that too, the challenges are often very direct and to the point, however some rely on arcane knowledge about a specific system or language that really just “clicks” with experience.
  • Of course, if you just enjoy breaking things and trying out weird stuff to see what happens that works too.

Still not convinced?

SecureIT’s Cyber Security Developer and the winner of the 2021 October competition, Sigurður Baldvin writes:

“When I first tried a CTF my mind was blown away. It was a blend of doing all of the computer things I loved to fiddle with, mixed with a puzzle that is difficult to solve.”

Sigurður Baldvin goes on to say:
“As a part of learning to create something, I think it is important to be curious about the potential side effects your product could be producing, be that storing the database credentials insecurely or using the behaviour of something to do unexpected things.
It is a puzzle that can potentially be solved with different tactics or methods and it achieves different results.”

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