One of the most demanding challenges in any organisation is how to deal with all of the vulnerabilities all the time. Letting your guard down is not an option and vulnerability management is a continuous process involving five stages: discovery, identification, reporting, prioritization, and response.

Assessing the security and integrity of your infrastructure can identify problems with your security posture and our years of experience in discovering problems is key and we can help you implement best practices to properly manage this ever-changing landscape of threats. 

Vulnerability Management is an important piece in the overall picture of your security program


Our health checks are proactive, enabling you to identify and prioritise your network security threats and risks. It’s a continuous cycle of scans and adjustment that will give you what you need in risk mitigation.

Our easy to use web-based scanning portal lets you schedule and run scans when you need to. These can be self-managed, but you can also get us to manage this for you. We’ll set up the scans, run them, identify and prioritize risk and then give you a condensed report for you to make informed decisions.

• We can test your vulnerabilities both internally and externally to give you a deep view into your current security posture. Understand the whole picture.

• React faster and keep ahead of the game.

Minimize risks

Our review of the internal and external vulnerability scan results will provide you with a set of recommendations to resolve or mitigate risk.

SecureIT provides unparalleled remediation services that will ensure your confidence with no downtime. We will provide you with resolution suggestions to be implemented and follow-up scans to mitigate any discovered vulnerabilities.

• We’ll give you detailed steps to take to fix the problems found in your assessment.

• Run scans as many times as you like and watch your security posture improve.

• Our threat intelligence and signature updates are consistently updated from multiple security sources to protect against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

Using our approved scanning vendor engine, we will help you meet compliance requirements like PCI-DSS. Our detailed compliance reports will keep you in the green with your compliance efforts.

Internal setups

Customers with ESX virtual infrastructure will be provided a virtual appliance to handle the internal vulnerability scans free of charge.

Customers with no virtual infrastructure will be provided with a hardware appliance while the engagement is taking place.

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