Cybersecurity requirements affect the whole aviation industry

from operators and ground operations to national aviation authorities (NAA), aeronautical telecommunication networks (ATN) and air navigation services (ANS), and other organisations working in maintenance, training, design and production. Changes to these requirements can represent significant cost drivers if they are not handled correctly. 

SecureIT, along with Aptoz our DOA partner, provides full spectrum cybersecurity services in aviation. We will perform a gap analysis and security assessment for you to determine your immediate needs, consult on implementation and then help you develop best practices and adopt cybersecurity industry standards and methods.  We also conduct technical verifications on cybersecurity posture of environments, setups and products.

The upcoming changes in cybersecurity requirements will require organisations to inform and train their staff on cybersecurity risks. These risks must be properly managed, incidents tracked, analysed and responded to just like any other aviation occurrences. Organisations must show that they have the necessary trained manpower to handle cybersecurity such as Cybersecurity Officers. Procedures and handbooks must be updated to meet cybersecurity requirements. 

Aptoz and SecureIT can affordably provide consultation, verifications, training and certification services to all organisations.

Cybersecurity Compliance Verification Engineers (CVE)

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Our aviation cybersecurity training and assistance services include:

  • Certification of installations that that cross domains such as passenger information entertainment services domain (PIESD) to aircraft control domain (ACD) or aircraft information domain (AID)
  • Fully privileged EASA DOA services qualified to offer minor changes up to Supplemental Type Certifications (STC) related to Cybersecurity
  • Qualified Compliance Verification Engineers (CVE) in CS-23.1319, CS-25.1319, CS-27.1319, CS-E.1319, CS-ETSO and Part-21 Cybersecurity requirements
  • Product information security risk assessment (PISRA)

Cybersecurity officers

New requirements in cybersecurity will require you to inform and train your staff on cybersecurity risks and these risks will need to be tracked, analysed, and responded to, just like any other aviation occurrence. You will need to show that you have the necessary trained manpower to handle cybersecurity. Your procedures and handbooks will need to be written to meet cybersecurity requirements

Qualified Entity

As Compliance Verification Engineers in Cybersecurity and multiple other qualifications for knowledge and experience in the field, we can act as a Qualified Entity on behalf of National Aviation Authorities (NAA)

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