SecureIT offers an endpoint security suite that is accredited by the FBI, EUROPOL, USDOJ and endorsed by NC3.
Multiple awards and recommendations

Our comprehensive endpoint security suite consists of multiple advanced modules within one intuitive comprehensive management interface and API with an effective overview and inventory of all systems, their status, threats and detections as well as mitigation and possible responses

Proactive next-gen security to combat evolving threats and fully secure your organisation

  • Adds host intrusion detection and prevention to your systems (HIDS & HIPS)
  • Perimeter recursive DNS for securing network and endpoint traffic which stops threats at DNS, HTTP and HTTPS level such as exploits, ransomware command & control and other types of attacks and provides enhanced detection not offered in other endpoint security solutions
  • Live process monitoring, machine learning driven intelligence, advanced market leading malware and virus detection, with easy threat removal and isolation capabilities for the endpoint as well as EDR
  • Unique Threat Prevention of the most advanced ransomware, viruses, spyware and ATPs
  • Application whitelisting and management of allowed installations and content filtering to prevent access to inappropriate or dangerous content

Critical security updates for Windows and 3rd party software on all your systems

  • Full vulnerability management with Windows and 3rd party software patching management with no time used for creating packages and seamlessly and silently making sure your systems are always updated
  • A complete inventory of alll your systems and installed updated software with unrivaled control over your entire infrastructure
  • Software inventory for all your employees, where users and groups only get allowed approved software, at work and at home!
  • Automate this process with granular control over your software environment
  • Secure and easy deployment of software to all your users and systems as part of your vulnerability management
  • Proof your compliant inventory and patching status and reduce risk
  • Outdated software is one of the most common attack vectors

Detect even the unknown threats

  • Complete endpoint NextGen antivirus solution with detection and response capabilities
  • Endpoint isolation through firewall management when threats are detected
  • Spots hidden threats using multiple detection methods, live process monitoring, behavior analysis and machine learning
  • Tracing infections and preventing data leaks
  • Sandbox and backdoor inspection to prevent command and control servers
  • Real-time cloud scanning, local file, signature and registry scanning

Powerful management of administrative rights

  • Secure management and usage of administration privileges removes more than 90% of Microsoft vulnerabilities
  • Removal of administrative privileges with secure escalation through approval and full audit trail
  • Maintain a centralized control and overview over endpoint’s administrative privileges
  • Fast-track all administrative rights, grants and removal
  • Escalate or deny administrative privileges on the go
For customers using our fully managed SIEM services it’s possible to get the Security Operation Center to monitor, analyse, detect, prevent and respond to threats via the API functionality. Compatible with e.g. Windows, MacOS, Android, VM Ware and Hyper V.

A great choice for your remote workers

  • Your business will be protected from ransomware. If employees accidentally click on malicious links or download infected files, the security suite will block ransomware infections. Data exfiltration will also not be possible even if there is an existing infection on the device
  • Phishing links will be blocked and cyber attackers won’t get the chance to trick your employees into providing their login credentials on fake websites
  • The security suite uses machine learning to identify yet unknown malware that won’t be detected by traditional antivirus solutions
  • You can update your 3rd party software and operating systems. 

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