Merki SecureIt

Exploit Labs x SecureIT


Monday, 16th of October at 1:00 PM (UTC +0)

Cybersecurity matters. With threats and attacks becoming more common, protecting your organization’s most vulnerable assets is crucial. Though TIBER-EU – a red team framework developed by the European Central Bank – organizations can put their resilience against sophisticated attacks to the test. While developed for countries regulated by the European Central Bank, its methods are useful for any business, anywhere.

Join our interactive 60-minute webinar, which promises to illuminate the intricacies of TIBER-EU in an easily digestible format. Not only will you uncover the ‘how’ and ‘why’ TIBER-EU can refine your cybersecurity, but you’ll also explore its potential as a benchmark and catalyst for fortified cyber resilience in various sectors!



Key Takeaways

  • How the Icelandic Central Bank (Seðlabanki Íslands) plans to integrate TIBER into the Icelandic market
  • The key benefits of the TIBER framework
  • Steps to integrate the TIBER approach and methodologies into your security program
  • How the TIBER framework can be applied to organizations outside of the target domain (finance)


Tinna Þuríður Sigurðardóttir

The Central Bank of Iceland has adopted the TIBER-EU framework and published guidelines for the adaptation of TIBER-IS, and has a dedicated TIBER cyber team (TCT) that operates under financial stability. I will give a short introduction to TIBER-IS as the TIBER-IS test manager, explain what participation in TIBER-IS entails and explain the role of the TCT in this process.

Kevin Ott

As premier provider for red teaming and TIBER tests in Germany and beyond, Exploit Labs has partnered with SecureIT to make red teaming and TIBER more accessible to the Icelandic market. During the webinar I will go into detail about the TIBER framework, going the steps involved in conduction such an exercise. The emphasis will lie on the red team part of the framework, briefly touching on the overall process and the threat intelligence part of the exercise.